TPU Cable | 36 AWG

TPU  cable 36 AWG
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Miniature TPU Cable is an excellent solution for applications where the cable will be performing repetitive task. TPU Cable has an approximate bending radius of 15x its outer diameter and is rated for approximately 500,000 lifecycles1. The use of Polyurethan in the construction of this cable strikes a balance between Strength, Ductility and Elasticity. The Tensile Strength of PU is 45 MPa, and Elongation is 600%.
In comparison the Elongation of Silicon Rubber is nearly the same as PU however the Tensile strength of Silicon Rubber is approximately 10 MPa.
1 No contractual values.
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Construction     Conductor Color
Conductor     01   White
  Silver plated soft copper core   02   Red
  PFA Insulation (Perfluoro Alkoxy)   03   Black
      04   Green
Twisting 12 x Diameter   05   Blue
  PTFE tape   06   Yellow
  Silver plated soft copper braid   07   Violet
  PTFE tape   08   Grey
  Polyyurethan Outer Jacket 09   Orange
      10   Brown
Characteristics      11   Pink
  Service Temperature -40 / +75°C 12   Natural
  Weathering Resistance Excellent 13   White
  Dynamic Bending Resistance Excellent      
  Chemical Resistance Good      
  European Directive 2011/65 UE (RoHS2)      
  UL Rating UL 94-VO      
Item Number Outer Diameter (mm) Approximate Weight (g/m)
36 AWG    
TPU-3607.08 2.20 7.70
TPU-3607.10 2.25 8.50
TPU-3607.12 2.30 9.10
TPU-3607.16 2.50 10.60
TPU-3607.19 2.60 11.70
TPU-3607.24 3.20