TFA Cable | 36 AWG

Miniature TFA Cable |32|34|36| AWG
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Miniature 36 AWG TFA cable is a robust dynamic cable with excellent resistance to chemicals, weathering and flammability. TFA cable has a service temperature range of -196 to +200º C., 100,000 bending stress cycles with a bending radius equaling 15x it outer diameter (No contractual values).
Micron Meters provides TFA  Cable Solutions for:
Robotics Aerospace Military Medical Research & Development
Universities Oil & Gas Automotive Load Cells Strain Gages
Construction     Conductor Color
Conductor     01   White
  Silver plated soft copper core   02   Red
  PFA Insulation (Perfluoro Alkoxy)   03   Black
      04   Green
Twisting 12 x Diameter   05   Blue
  PTFE tape   06   Yellow
  Silver plated soft copper braid   07   Viloet
  PFA Jacket (Perfluoro Alkoxy)   08   Grey
    09   Orange
      10   Brown
Characteristics      11   Pink
  Service Temperature -196 / +200°C 12   Natural
  Weathering Resistance Excellent 18   White
  Chemical Resistance Excellent      
  Flammability Resistance Excellent      
  Dynamic Bending Resistance Good      
  European Directive 2011/65 UE (RoHS2)      
  UL Rating UL 94-VO      
Silver is the best heat conductor of all metal plating materials, and offers great solderability. Unlike copper, oxidized silver retains a conductive surface.
All Micron's Wire & Cable meets ASTM B286 and B298 requirements.
Silver thickness : 1.02 µm, 40 inches mini
Item Number Outer Diameter (mm) Approximate Weight (g/m)
36 AWG    
TFA-3607.08 1.83 6.00
TFA-3607.10 1.87
TFA-3607.12 1.91
TFA-3607.16 2.09 9.40
TFA-3607.19 2.17 10.30
TFA-3607.24  2.76  12.60