TES Cable Multi-Pair | 32 AWG

TESx2 miniature cable | multi-pair 32 AWG
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TESx2 is a dynamic multi-paired shielded miniature cable commonly used in the automotive and aeronautical industries or any other cabling applications requiring high temperature and oil resistant.

Construction     Conductor Color
Conductor     01   White/Red
  Silver plated soft copper core   02   Black/Green
  PFA Insulation (Perfluoro Alkoxy)   03   Blue/Yellow
      04   Violet/Grey
Twisting 12 x Diameter   05   Orange/Brown
  PTFE tape   06   Pink/Natural
  Silver plated soft copper braid   07   White/Black
  PTFE tape   08   White/Green
  Thermoplastic Elastomeric Styren Jacket 09   White/Blue
      10   White/Yellow
Characteristics         ...
  Service Temperature -40 / +120°C 17   Red/Black
  Weathering Resistance Good 18   Red/Green
  Dynamic Bending Resistance Good      
  Broad Chemical Inertia to Acid and Base        
  European Directive 2011/65 UE (RoHS2)      
  Class3 (Automotive)      
  UL Rating UL 94-VO      
Item Number Outer Diameter (mm) Approximate Weight (g/m)
32 AWG    
TES-3219.2x2 2.50 9.00
TES-3219.3x2 2.77 11.00
TES-3219.4x2 2.95 12.30
TES-3219.5x2 3.10 14.50
TES-3219.6x2 3.25 16.00