T24-BC1 | Charger for Transmitter Modules

T24-BC1 Charger Module
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Micron's Web Price: $55.00
  • Lithium battery charger module
  • Provides 3.3 V regulated output
  • Same footprint as T24 transmitter modules
  • Charges from 5 V DC supply (Ideal for USB)
  • Only for T24 OEM transmitter modules
  • Dimensions 37.5mm x 16.8mm

This lithium battery charger module and power supply suitable for the T24 range of wireless telemetry transmitter modules.

From a 5 Volt supply the module produces a regulated 3.3V for the transmitter module and can also charge a suitable Li-ion Battery

Parameter Min Typical Max Units
Supply Voltage 4.1 5 6 V
Regulated Voltage Output - 3.3 - V
Battery Positive Connection - 3.7 - V
Maximum Cable Length - - 150* mm
Dormant PCB Current - 1.7   μA

* 07/02 gauge wire attached to maximum load i.e. T24-SA with four 350 Ohm strain gauges.
Note: LED will only be lit when an input voltage is applied.

Battery Options 

Use our Battery Life Calculator

Varta LIP653450  
Rated Capacity 1100mAh
Dimensions 35 x 54 x 7mm
Weight 20g
Charge Time 3hrs @ 466mA
Battery Life T24-SAi & e 1 month 25 days*
Varta LIC18650  
Rated Capacity 2200mAh
Dimensions 18.25 Diameter 65mm Height
Weight 46g
Charge Time 4.5hrs @ 466mA
Battery Life 3 months 20 days*
UBC 581730  
Rated Capacity 250mAh
Dimensions 18 x 31.5 x 5.8mm
Weight 6.5g
Charge Time 2hrs @ 133mA
Battery Life 7 days*

* Note: Battery life is calculated with a T24-SA running in low power mode with a sample time of 5mS and transmit interval of 333mS for 2 hours out of every 8 hours, to a 1k Ohm bridge.

T24-BC1 Dimensions


Q: Can this be used with any T24 range of products?

A: Yes