SGA | Strain Gauge Amplifier

SGA | Strain Gauge Amplifier

  • Strain gauge amplifier ideal for load cell signal conditioning
  • Bridge excitation of 10 V DC with drive for four 350 Ohm load cells
  • Conditioned output signal can be selected from 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, 0-10 V, 0-5 V, ±5 V or ±10 V
  • 1 - 5 kHz adjusted filter for test & measurement applications
  • User select-able analog output in standard voltage or current format
  • Completion Module Bridge available (SGABCM)

The strain gauge amplifier is a high performance signal conditioner for single or multiple strain gauge bridge sensors such as load, force, pressure and torque.

The SGA A&D provides strain gauge signal conditioning for load cells and offers a wide bandwidth and a wide input signal range. The device can be powered from AC or DC supplies providing excitation for up to four x 350 Ohm strain gauge bridges.

The conditioned output signal can be selected from 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, 0-10 V, 0-5 V, ±5 V or ±10 V.
Options include: Isolated DC supply, DIN rail mount and OEM module.

Supplied in a waterproof IP67 NEMA4 bulkhead mountable case and is available with AC or DC power supply options. The strain gauge signal conditioning module is robust and fully CE compliant.

For a digital version of the strain gauge signal conditioning module with set point relays, communications and display options please see our load cell amplifier display for weighing LCA20

 Bridge Completion Module available (SGABCM)

  • For half or quarter Bridge Connection on (SGABCM)
  • Provides local and remote shunt calibration
  • Supports half and quarter bridges
  • High stability resistors
  • Compatible with all variants of the SGA A/D
  • Easy installation
  Min Typical Max Units
Power supply (SGA/A):- (110/230Vac) 50 - 60Hz  99/198 110/230  126/253  V AC
Power supply DC :- 18    24  V DC (Note: 1)
Power supply IS12/24 - Isolated   36  V DC
Power supply current DC :- (depends on loading) 50  90  200  mA
Bridge excitation (10 V range) 9.75 10  10.25  V
Bridge excitation (5 V range) 4.85 5 5.15 V
Bridge resistance 85      Ohms
Bridge sensitivity (Switchable) 0.06    30  mV/V
Gain adjustment (Pot - fine adj.) 0.06    1.0  mV/V (Note: 2)
Offset adjustment (Pot - fine adj.) -1.25    +1.25  %FR (FR=Full Range)
Offset adjustment (Switchable - coarse adj) ±1.25   ±80 %FR
Output load (Voltage output)     mA
Output load (Current output)   500  Ohms
Bandwidth (No filter and > 2mV/V) - 3dB point DC    6000 Hz
Filter cut-off (Switchable ranges) - 3dB point   5000  Hz
Zero temperature coefficient at 2.5mV/V)   0.002    %FR/ ºC at 2.5mV/V FR
Span temperature coefficient   0.007    %FR/ ºC
Linearity   0.03    %FR
Gain stability -1st 1000 Hours   0.2    %FR
Gain stability - 2nd 1000 Hours   0.1    %FR
90 day Offset stability   3.3    uV
Output load stability gain (0 - 100%)     0.01  %FR
Output load stability offset (0 - 100%)     0.01 %FR
Power supply rejection gain (0 - 100%)     0.01  %FR
Power supply rejection offset (0 - 100%)     0.01 %FR
Operating temperature range -10    50  ºC
Storage temperature range -20    70  ºC
Humidity     95  %
Note:1 18V max at full load. Note:2 Depends on sensitivity settings
Output Options Set by On-Board Switch    
±10V, ±5V, 0-10V, 0-5V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA
Field screw terminals - 2.5mm² rising clamp
ABS case 160 x 80 x 55 sealed to IP67 fitted with 3 off cable glands
Gain pot, Offset pot, Coarse gain switches, Coarse offset switches, Filter cut-off switches, Output mode switch
CE Environmental Approvals European EMC Directive 2004/108/EC, Low Voltage directive 2006/95/EC

t24-acm dimensions

Q: Can the SGA be mounted on a DIN Rail?

A: Yes, the SGA can be mounted on a DIN Rail using a D4 base plate listed as an optional accessory for your SGA.

Q: Does the SGA have shunt calibration?

A: The SGA has an onboard shunt calibration function. This shunts one arm of the connected load cell to produce a known change in the output which can be used for calibration or checking load cell integrity (or associated wiring).

Q: Does the SGA / LVDT lose its calibration if you switch it from 4-20 mA to 0-10 V?

A: Yes 

Tech. Tip: Hover and Click on any of the icons below.
Model: SGA-D is powered by (18-24 Volts DC) 5 watt (approx. 150mA fully loaded) with an option of adding an Isolated (9-36 Volt) plug-in module
Model: SGA-A is powered by (110/120 | 220/230 Volts AC) 50-60 Hz.

NOTE: The SGA/A can be powered from AC or DC sources whichever is available.
It is also possible to connect BOTH AC and DC simultaneously for security of power supply.
Both models are housed in a waterproof IP67 NEMA4 enclosure with options for bulkhead and DIN Rail mounting.
Strain Gauge Amplifier DC Powered (18-24Vdc) (PC Board w/Enclosure)
Strain Gauge Amplifier AC Powered (110/230Vac) 50 - 60Hz (PC Board w/Enclosure)
IS12/24 vdc OPTION: To accommodate automotive installations, the SGA can be fitted with an IS1224 module enabling it to be powered from 9 to 36V DC. This module also has the advantage of electrically isolating the DC power supply from the measurement electronics which minimizes errors and instability due to earth loops in the system.
The power supply should be capable of supplying at least 1A for 12V installations and 0.5A for 24V. Connections to the SGA/A & SGA/D input/output signal and the power supply are made via 2.5mm² field terminal connectors. Cable entry in the cased versions is via glands in the ends of the case.

SGABCM OPTION: The SGABCM is a retro-fit PCB which facilitates connecting a half or quarter-bridge strain gauge to the SGA Load Cell conditioner. This unit can also be bought in conjunction with an SGA. The PCB comes with a 5ppm/°C resistor for 350 Ohm bridge completion (both quarter and half) and a shunt cal resistor. The SGABCM is compatible with all variants of the SGA i.e. SGA/A, SGA/D and SGAs fitted with the IS1224 isolated DC power supply module.
Optional Isolated DC Power Supply 9-36 Volt plug-in for SGA-D
DIN Rail Mounting Kit
Strain Gauge Bridge Completion Module
  • SGA-D | Strain Gauge Amplifier DC Powered