RTR-500 | USB Connected Data Collector and Repeater w/ Cable and Software

RTR-500 | USB Connected Data Collector and Repeater w/ Cable and Software
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Our flagship RTR-500 series has a solution for just about everyone. It includes a 13 different type loggers to meet measurement needs and 4 types of wireless base unit/data collectors to match your situation. Create the system you need and take advantage of our free of charge cloud based Web Storage Service.
The RTR-500 can be used as either a “Base Unit” for our RTR-500 Wireless Data Logger Series or a “Repeater” for extending wireless communication range.
Easy-USB connection for performance as a Base Unit makes it perfect for on-site use.
By registering the RTR-500 as a Base Unit, it is possible to Download Recorded Data and Current Readings from Remote Units and send the data by e-mail or FTP to a designated address. Moreover, by sending the recorded data to our online service "T&D Web-Storage Service", it is possible to carry out Monitoring of Current Readings and/or Warnings as well as share the data via a PC web browser.
Note: The RTR-500 can not be used with our earlier models RTR-50, RTR-5W and RTR-5 Series loggers.

Application Examples
  • For Recording and Monitoring Temperature and Humidity in Factories and Buildings
  • For Temperature and Humidity Management in Blood and Pharmaceutical Storage at Hospitals
  • For Temperature Management of Refrigerated and Frozen Goods at Supermarkets and Convenience Stores
  • For management in the production, storage and sales of foodstuffs and beverages

General Specifications
Functionality Wireless Base Station / Repeater
Comm Interfaces USB, Serial, Optical, Short Range Wireless
Warning Norifications E-mail, Software/Browser
Power AA Alkaline Battery x 2, AC Adaptor, External Power
Operating Environment Temperature: -10 to 60°C (-30 to 60°C with external power connected) Humidity: 90%RH or less (no condensation)
Dimensions H:96mm × W:65mm × D:25mm
Waterproof Capacity None
Battery Life Approx. 6 months
Accessories Antenna, USB Mini-B Cable, etc.
RTR-500 Series- Detailed Specifications | PDF
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