RTR-322/300 Log-EZ Thermo-Recorder | Combo Kit

RTR-322 Temperature and Humidity Logger
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Measurement Range
Temperature: 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)
Relative Humidity: 15-90%
The user-friendly log-EZ can be easily used to measure and record temperature and humidity in various places such as homes and office buildings. It is possible to manage data recorded by multiple log-EZ units, that are placed in distant rooms, via one computer. Also, wireless communication makes data transmission easy and simple with no need for cables or gathering the log-EZ units to collect data.
Note: This item is a Combo Kit containing One RTR-300 Base Station/Repeater and One RTR-322 Log-EZ Data Logger.
If you would like to order additional RTR-322 Loggers check the item listed below
General Specifications
Measurement Channels Temperature 1ch, Humidity 1ch
Measurement Range 0 to 50°C, 15 to 90%RH
Accuracy ±0.5°C, ±5%RH
LCD Display Measurements, Battery Level, etc.
Logging Capacity 1440
Recording Intervals 10 min
Recording Mode Endless/Onetime
Comm Interfaces Short Range Wireless
Power AA Alkaline Battery x 1
Operating Environment 0 to 50°C , 90%RH or less (without condensation)
Dimensions H:36mm × W:85mm × D:36mm
Waterproof Capacity None
Battery Life About 6 months
Accessories Wireless Dongle(RTR-300), Stand, AA Alkaline Battery, etc.
  1. Logging Capacity is the amount of data which can be logged in the unit; when the capacity is full, the oldest data is overwritten and recording continues.In order to store data continually, a PC is needed to receive data.
  2. Battery life varies depending upon measuring environment, frequency of communication, and battery performance.
    (Example: If used at an interval of 1 min. to collect current readings, battery life expectancy is about 1.5 months.)
  3. This Unit is not for use with a wireless LAN.
  4. In environments where the temperature exceeds or falls below this range, there may be occasions when the recorded data is lost.
    The specifications listed above are subject to change without notice.
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